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Camino Real *****GT   (NOTE:   GT=Gran Tourismo and is considered a higher rating than 5 stars)
Located on the beach; Over 300 air-conditioned rooms plus suites; pool; tennis courts; 3 restaurants including one gourmet. 2.5 km Hwy. to Barra de Navidad. Tel.1-5000; Fax 1-5200   Toll free number from US & Canada:   1-800-7CAMINO  (1-800-722-6466)

Presidente Intercontinental *****GT
120+ air conditioned rooms. Satellite TV;  pool, gym; 1 restaurants; 1 coffee shop.   All inclusive. Located on the beach. 4km Hwy. to Barra de Navidad. Tel.8-0507; Fax 8-0116

La Jolla de Mismaloya *****GT
303 air-conditioned suites with balconies and kitchens. Fitness center, tennis courts, jacuzzi, pools, bar, restauants. Located on the beach. 11.5km Hwy. to Barra de Navidad. Tel.8-0660; Fax 8-0853 
Toll free number: 1-800-322-2344 or 2343.

Blue Bay Club ****
Of the 450 rooms, most overlook the ocean in this all inclusive resort. 4 pools.  Penthouse spa with jacuzzi, sauna and steam room. Located on the beach. 8.5km from town on  Hwy. to Barra de Navidad.
Tel: 15500; Fax 15105;   
Website: http://www.bluebayresorts.com
E-mail: pvr@bluebayresort.com    

Costa Vida ****
208 air-conditioned rooms, 2 restaurants, pool. Located on the beach. Timeshare project & hotel 2.5km on Hwy. to Barra de Navidad. Tel. 1-5059  Fax 714-643-7614

Playa Conchas Chinas ****
19 rooms. Restaurant/Bar. Pool, Kitchenettes, air conditioned. Tel: 1-5770

Jalisco Vacacional ***
25 rooms. Pool, beach. At Mismaloya, Playa Punta Negra. Tel: 1-5420

Lindo Mar Resort (condos)
48 Ocean-view, deluxe suites with kitchen. Pool, jacuzzi, 2 restaurants, Located on the beach. 2.5km Hwy. to Barra de Navidad. By Restaurant El Set. Tel.1-5511

Villas Loma Linda
25 suites. Kitchenettes, pool.  Located at Av. Las Hortensias #37, Amapas. Tel.3-2791 Fax 3-1591 

Alejandra Condominiums
21 condos.  Kitchenettes, pool.  Located at Sagitario #379, Col. Conchas Chinas  Tel.1-5857

Centro Vacacional Jalisco Condominiums
25 condos. Kitchenettes, pool.  Located at Carr. A Mismaloya, Km 5.8    Tel. 1-5420  Fax 1-5168

Girasol Condominiuums
168 condos. Kitchenettes, restaurant, pool.  Located at Carr. Barra de Navidad, Km. 8  Tel.8-0209   Fax 8-0482

Mex-Dev. Condominiums - Casa Anita, Corona del Mar
26 condos.  Kitchenettes, pool.  Located at Carr.Barra de Navidad, Km 3.  
Tel. 2-0018  Fax 2-0659

Suites Esmeralda del Mar
21 suites. Pool.  Located at Carr. Barra de Navidad Km. 6.5  Tel. 1-5462  Fax 1-5405

HOTEL ZONE (just north of town)

Fiesta Americana *****GT
291 deluxe rooms plus junior suites and 2 presidential suites. Satellite TV; pool, 5 tennis courts; 3 restaurants; 2 bars; disco. Meeting facilities. Located on the beach. Blvd Francisco Medina Ascencio.
Tel: 4-2010 Fax: 4-2108

Sheraton Buganvillas *****GT
500 rooms and 169 suites with kitchenettes, all air-conditioned; pool, 4 tennis courts, 3 restaurants, 2 bars, convention facilities. Located on the beach. Blvd Francisco Medina Ascencio. Tel: 3-0404  Fax: 2-0500  Toll free# 1-800-433-5451.

Continental Plaza *****
400+ air-conditioned rooms with mini-bar. Satellite TV, 2 restaurants, Lobby bar. Located on the beach next to the Continental Tennis Club. Playa Las Glorias.
Tel: 4-0123    Fax: 4-5236

Crown Paradise Resort *****
Deluxe all inclusive beach front resort, located at Av. de las Garzas 3.   Tel: 6-6800 
US tollfree 1-800-300-6394 or 1-888-300-6394
E-mail: cparadise@puerto-vallarta.com  

Holiday Inn *****
231 rooms ; pool; coffee shop; restaurant, convention facilities. Located on the beach. Blvd. Francisco Medina Ascencio.  Tel. 6-1700  Fax 4-5683; reservations 800-322-2343

Krystal Vallarta *****
204 rooms, 148 deluxe rooms, 48 junior suites (20 with living room), 38 -3 bdrm. villas with private pool, all air-conditioned. Cable TV, 3 pools, tennis courts, 6 restuarants, 4 bars disco. Located on the beach.
Blvd Francisco Medina Ascencio. Tel.4-0202  Fax 4-0222

Playa de Oro *****
340 rooms, 70 suites with kitchenettes, 3 pools, 3 tennis courts, 2 restuarants, 2 coffee shops, 4 bars. Located on the beach. Av. de las Garzas 1. Tel 4-6868  Fax 4-0308

Plaza Las Glorias Hotel*****
389 rooms, coffee shop, restaurant, tennis courts, pool, convention facilities; Located on the beach, Zona Hotelera Las Glorias.  Tel.4-4444  Fax 4-3932

Qualton Club & Spa *****
All inclusive resort with complete spa facilities, pools, tennis courts, restuarants, bars, 300 deluxe rooms, 8 master suites, 2 presidential suites. Located on the beach. Blvd Francisco Medina Ascencio.
Tel.4-4446  Fax 4-4445

Villa del Palmar*****
409 suites comprising 2 bedrooms, 4 bedrooms and studios complete with fully equipped kitchenettes, satellite TV, central air conditioning. Located on the beach. Two freshwater pools; fitness center; tennis courts. Blvd. Francisco Medina Ascencio.
Tel 4-8878 Fax 4-8868

Buenaventura Hotel ****
210 air-conditioned rooms. Lobby bar with live music, pool, restaurant, gym. Located on the beach. Av. Mexico 1301. Tel. 2-3737  Fax 3-2997/2-0870  
E-mail:  buenaven@pvnet.com.mx 

Hacienda Buentaventura Hotel****
155 air-conditioned rooms, most with balcony. Pool, bar with live music, restuarant, meeting rooms. Located one block from the beach. Blvd. F.M. Ascencio 2699.
Tel. 4-6667   Fax 23546

Las Palmas Hotel ****
230 superior and standard air conditioned rooms with private balconies. Cable TV, 2 pools, restaurant, 2 bars with live music. Located on the beach. Blvd. F.M. Ascencio. Tel. 4-0650 Fax 4-0543  E-mail: palmaspv@pvnet.com.mx  

Marbella Suites/Hotel****
94 2-bedroom suites with kitchenette and living room. Satellite TV, restaurant, pool, laundry services. Blvd. F.M. Ascencio. Tel. 4-5025  Fax 4-6103

Pelicanos Hotel****
186 rooms and 15 bungalows, all air conditioned. 3 pools, restuarant, 2 bars, disco. Located on the beach. Blvd. F.M. Ascencio. Tel. 4-1010  Fax 4-1414

Costa del Sol Hotel ***
48 rooms. Blvd. Francisco Medina Ascencio 1804. Tel. 2-2055  Fax. 2-4985

O'Hara Marlene Hotel***
52 rooms. Restaurant, pool.  Located at Lucerna #105.  Tel. 4-1229   Fax 4-4377

Paloma del Mar Hotel***
62 rooms. Restaurant, pool, convention facilities. Located at Honduras #309.  
Tel. 2-2790 Fax3-0032

Pescador Hotel***
101 rooms.  Located at Paraguay #1117, Col. 5 de Diciembre. Tel. 2-2169

Los Tules Condominiums
450 condos.  Restaurant, tennis courts, pool.  Located at Blvd. Francisco Medina Ascencio.  Tel.4-4560  Fax 4-1113

Mocali Condominiums
37 condos.  Restaurant.  Located at Nicaragua #286, Col. 5 de Diciembre. 
Tel. 2-4201  Fax 2-6055

Embassador Suites
20 suites. Located Blvd. Fco. Medina Ascencio - Interior Los Tules Ed. 15.  
Tel. 4-3550 Fax 4-2366

Marlena Suites
42 suites with equipped kitchen and dining room. Pool, bar, restuarant. Blvd. F.M. Ascencio. Tel. 4-4425

Plaza del Rio Suites
24 suites. Located at Hidalgo #116, Centro  Tel. 2-2810  Fax 2-2573

Suites del Sol
87 suites. Restaurant, pool.  Located at Francia #100, Col. Versalles.   Tel. 4-2213

Vallarta Sol Suites
38 suites.  Restaurant, pool.  Located at Lucerna #109, Col. Diaz Ordaz  
Tel. 4-1622  Fax 4-1622

Vista Pacifica Suites
9 suites.  Pool.  Located at Miramar #477, Col. Cerro  Tel. 2-5232  


Hotel Sierra Plaza Golf and Spa *****GT    (formerly Bel Air)
67 deluxe villas and suites, all air-conditioned, most with jacuzzis or private pools. Satellite TV, restaurant, pool, bar, lounge, meeting room facilities. Member Small Luxury Hotels. Av. Pelicanos 311, Marina Vallarta. Tel. 1-0800 Fax 1-0801

Marriot CasaMagna *****GT
433 air-conditioned ocean-view rooms, and 29 suites. Health club, jacuzzi, sauna, pool, tennis court, restaurants, night club, lobby bar with live music. Located on the beach. Paseo de la Marina 5.  
Tel. 1-0004  Fax. 1-0761

Paradisus Vallarta *****GT
355 rooms. An All inlusive resort. Coffe shop, restaurant, pool, tennis. Paseo de la Marina Sur #7.
Tel. 1-0200 Fax. 1-0118

Westin Regina *****GT
280 rooms and 14 suites, all air-conditioned with ocean views balconies and mini-bars. Satellite TV, 4 pools, fitness center, 3 tennis courts, 2 restaurants, 3 bars, convention facilities. Located on the beach.
Paseo de la Marina Sur 205, Marina Vallarta. Tel. 1-1100   Fax. 1-1141

Marina Vallarta Melia *****
370 rooms, junior suites, one and 2 bedrooms. Located at Paseo Marina 7,
Marina Vallarta Tel 1-0200  Fax: 10118    E-mail: meliapvr@pvnet.com.mx

Velas Vallarta *****
360 ocean-view suites with kitchenette, 3 pools, 3 bars, 2 restaurants, 4 tennis courts, fitness center, golf course across the street. Located on the beach. Av. Costera Norte, Marina Vallarta. Tel. 1-0091 Fax 1-0751

Vidafel Mayan Palace *****
88 rooms.   Located at Paseo de la Marina S/N.  Tel. 1-1500 Fax 1-1388

Nautilus Vallarta Hotel ****
All inclusive program. 76 suites, 22 studio suites, 3 luxury suites, al air-conditioned, with view of the marina and kitchenette. Olympic pool, private dock, diving pool, mini-gym, golf and tennis memberships.
Paseo de la Marina B-4 Tel. 1-1015  Fax. 1-1014

Plaza Iguana Resort Marina Resort  ****
100 air-conditioned rooms overlooking the marina, and suites with living area. Restuarant, night club, poolside bar. Blvd. F.M. Asencio. Tel: 1-0880  Fax: 1-0889

Villa Pacifico y Embarcadero Pacifico ****
260 units, kitchenettes, restaurant, tennis courts and pool. Located at Ave Paseo de la Marina Sur.    Tel: 1-1177  Fax: 1-1433

Club Regina Condominiums
441 condos.  Kitchenettes, coffee shop, restaurant, tennis courts, pool, convention facilities, all inclusive.  Located at Paseo de la Marina Sur #205   Tel. 1-1100


Brisas del Mar Condo/Hotel****
57 rooms/condos. Privada Abedul #10 Col. Emiliano Zapata. Tel: 2-1821

Club Meza del Mar ****
128 rooms. Restaurant/Bar, Pool. A/C. All-Inclusive. Tel: 2-4888
Email: cmezamar@pvnet.com.mx

Molino de Agua ****
29 bungalows, 8 seafront apartments, 4 suites, 12 junior suites. 2 pools,  restaurant, night club. Located on the beach. Ignacio I. Vallarta 130. Tel: 2-1957   Fax: 2-6056

Playa Los Arcos Beach Hotel****
135 rooms, 10 master suites with kitchenettes, all air-conditioned. Pool, tennis courts, restaurant, bar. Located on the beach. Olas Atlas 380. Tel: 2-1583  Fax: 2-2418

Puerto Vallarta Beach Hotel****
40 rooms.  Kitchenettes, restaurant, pool. Located Malecon y Almendro #4 
Tel: 2-5040  Fax: 2-5040

San Marino Plaza****
160 air-conditioned rooms. Pool, restuarant, 2 bars. Rodolfo Gomez 111.
Tel: 2-3050   Fax: 2-2431

Suites Descanso del Sol****
22 suites; gym. Located Pino Suarez #583 Col. Emiliano Zapata  Tel:3-0277

Torre de Oro ****
58 rooms and 2 suites, all air-conditioned. Pool, restaurant, bar. Pulpito 138.
Tel: 2-4488  Fax: 3-1396

Alegre Hotel***
27 air-conditioned rooms. Cable TV and pool. Francisco Rodriguez 168.
Tel: 2-4793   Fax: 2-4793

Cuatro Vientos Hotel***
114 rooms; restaurant, pool. Located at Matamoros #520  Tel: 2-0161   Fax: 2-2831

Eloisa Hotel***
75 rooms. Restaurant, pool.  Located at Lazaro Cardenas #179.   Tel: 2-6465 

Encino Hotel***
75 rooms. Restaurant, pool.  Located at Juarez #122  Tel: 2-0051   Fax: 2-2573
E-mail: info@hotelencino.com 

Gaviota Vallarta ***
80 rooms.  Restaurant, bar, pool. Fracisco I. Madero 154. Tel: 2-1500

Gloria del Mar Hotel***
69 rooms.   Located at Amapas #115   Tel: 2-1767    Fax: 2-5143

Hotel Suites Emperador***
21 Suites with kitchenettes and air conditioning. Located at Rodolfo Gomez y Amapas, Col. Emiliana Zapata   Tel/Fax: 2-3329   E-mail: suitemper@hotmail.com

Hotel Suites La Siesta***
Studios and one and two bedroom suites with kitchen. Located at J.O.Dominguez y Miramar. Tel: 2-1818   E-mail: panorama@tag.acnet.net

Los Arcos Vallarta Hotel ***
40 suites; junior Suites w/kitchenettes, restaurant, pool, Cable TV and  beach club.
Manuel M. Dieguez 171.  Tel: 2-1712  Fax: 2-2418

Los Arcos Suites ***
33 suites, kitchenettes, restaurant and pool.  Manuel M. Dieguez 164 Col. Emiliano Zapata. Tel: 2-0700  Fax: 2-2418

Marsol Hotel***
160 rooms. Kitchenettes, restaurant, pool. Located at Francisca Rodriguez #103  
Tel:  2-1365

Maxim's Suites ***
52 rooms. Restaurant, bar, beach. Amapas 114. Tel: 2-5143

Plaza del Rio***
24 suites, one or two bedrooms, kitchenettes. Located at Hidalgo 116.  Tel: 2-0051  Fax: 2-2573 E-mail: info@hotelencino.com 

Posada Rio Cuale Hotel ***
25 air-conditoned rooms. Gourmet restaurant, terrace bar, pool. Aquilles Serdan 242.
Tel: 2-0914  Fax: 2-1148

Posada de Roger Hotel ***
50 rooms/ Pool, restaurant, bar. Basilio Badillo 237 Col. Emiliano Zapata. Tel: 2-0836 Fax: 3-0482  E-mail: prroger@pvnet.com.mx  

Rosita Hotel***
112 rooms.  On the beach, restaurant, pool. Located at Paseo Diaz Ordaz #901.
Tel: 2-1033,  Fax: 2-2171

Tropicana  Hotel***
160 air-conditioned rooms, restaurant, pool. Amapas 214 Col. Emiliano Zapata.
Tel: 2-0829, Fax: 2-6737

Hotel Belmar **
29 rooms.  Located at Insurgentes #161  Tel: 2-0572,  Fax: 2-0572

Hotel Jazmin **
Only one block from the beach. Wonderful courtyard, clean rooms. Worth the extra few pesos. Rooms vary in size considerably, so ask to see a few different ones. 168 Basilio Badillo. Tel: 2-0087

Posada Don Miguel **
50 rooms.  Located at Insurgentes #322 Tel: 2-4540,  Fax: 2-6115

Rio Hotel **
45 rooms. Restaurant, pool.   Located at Morelos #170  Tel: 2-0366,  Fax: 2-3235

Azteca Hotel *
47 units, some with kitchenette. Ceiling fans, spotlessly clean, simple, sparsely furnished, inexpensive. About 8 blocks from the ocean. Madero 440. Tel.2-2750

Bernal Hotel *
34 rooms. Located at Francisco I. Madero 423.  Tel: 2-3605

Cartagena de Indias Hotel *
Another pretty Mexican hotel. 27 spacious, clean rooms with ceiling fans, desk and chair. Inexpensive.  428 Madero. Tel: 2-6914.

Frankfurt Hotel *
12 rooms. Kitchenettes, coffee shop, restaurant, pool.  Located at Basilio Badillo #300 
Tel: 2-3403,  Fax: 2-2071

Hotel Hortencia *
Large rooms, all with ceiling fans, desk and chair. TV in the lobby. About 7 blocks from the ocean.  336 Madero. Tel: 2-2484

Hotel Ana Liz *
Small, nice typical Mexican hotel. Clean rooms with ceiling fans, desk and chair. Inexpensive. 429 Madero.  Tel: 2-1757

Janitzio Hotel *
19 rooms. Located at Prol. Colombia #1637, Col. Lazaro Cardenas  Tel: 2-2656

Lina Hotel *
23 rooms.  Located at Francisco I. Madero #376. Col. Emiliano Zapata  Tel: 2-1661

Hotel Villa del Mar *
About 7 blocks from the ocean. Quiet rooms, very clean, quite well furnished, inexpensive. Visa & Mastercard accepted. Madero 440. Tel: 2-0785

Villa Blanca Condominiums
10 condos.  Kitchenettes, pool.  Located at Amapas #349, Col. Emiliano Zapata 
Tel: 2-6190

Meza del Mar Suites
128 suites. Kitchenettes, coffee shop, restaurant, tennis court,gym, pool. All inclusive.   Located at Amapas #380  Tel: 2-4888,  Fax: 2-2308

Paradise Colony
Retirement home for Active Independent Seniors. Tel: 2-4623
Email: suzanne@pvnet.com.mx

Casa de la Juventud
Youth Hostel (as in Europe). Clean and safe. $6us a night. Aquacate 302-A
Tel:  2-2108


Diamond Resort Sunset Bay*****
138 air-conditioned rooms. Satellite TV. pool, 4 restaurants, 4 bars. All inclusive program. Located on Flamingos Beach, Nayarit (behind the Flamingos Golf Club). Tel. (329) 7-0100

Paradise Village Beach Resort & Spa*****
167 deluxe suites. 8,000 sq.ft. European Health Spa, pool, tennis courts, restaurants. Located on the beach. Paseo de los Cocoteros 1, Nuevo Vallarta. Tel. (329) 7-0770   Web Page: www.paradisevillage.com

Sierra Nuevo Vallarta*****
350 deluxe rooms. Fitness center, pool, 5 restaurants, nightly live entertainment, disco. All inclusive program. Located on the beach. Paseo de los Cocoteros 19, Nuevo Vallarta. Tel. (329) 7-1300

Club Oasis Marival****
All Inclusive resort.  355 air-conditioned rooms. 4 pools, fitness center, kids' club, 4 tennis courts. Located on the beach. Paseo de los Cocoteros, Nuevo Vallarta. Tel. (329) 7-0160

Royal Decameron Costa Flamingos****
113 air conditioned rooms. Pool, restaurant, bar, boutique. All inclusive program. Located on the beach. Bucerias, Nayarit. Tel. (329) 8-0226

Costal Azul Adventure Resort ****
14 suites, 6 villas, 2 master suites all with kitchenettes and view of the ocean. Pool, restaurant, bar. Located on the beach. Amapas y Las Palmas. San Francisco, Nayarit Tel.(327)5-0099

                                              BED and BREAKFAST.

Casa Corazon
A beautiful bed-and-breakfast villa built into the hillside, right above the ocean. Spacious, well-furnished units with ocean view, large patios, and has its own beach club with food and drinks. Free breakfast served daily on the patio overlooking the ocean. The rates vary greatly between high season and low season -- $20-50 US per night.(1996 prices). To reserve in advance contact: George Tune, PO Box 937, Las Cruces, New Mexico 88004. Tel. (505) 523-4666.
Tell him you read about Casa Corazon in the PV Connect Newsletter on the Web.

Casa de Los Arcos
Authentic Mexican units built high up in the hills with a fantastic view of the town and the entire Bay of Banderas, yet within easy reach of the beaches, shopping and entertainment. Tel: 2-5990

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